CoinPot is a new platform for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash & Bitcoin Cash Faucets.

coinpot is a wallet with crypto currency, to which 7 taps are affiliated it is imperative to have a coinpot account to be able to cash cryptocurrencies

you can make complaints every 15 min

there is also a referrer system that saves you additional percentages

for my by transfer are made quickly 24 hours after the request

very good site emssenble to recover cryptocurrencies


it is imperative to register at coinpot and its tap sites with the same email address

Bitfun is one of the highest paying Faucets! You can harvest your satoshis every 3 minutes, but if you wait longer, the amount will continue to increase! This is what makes this Faucet interesting.
You will have to click on "Register" at the bottom left, enter your E-mail address and choose a password. An E-mail will be sent to you to confirm your account.
You can now connect by clicking on “Sign in” and win 10 to 150 satoshis just by going to the site, clicking on the orange “Play Games” button, and then on the blue “Claim now” button. You only need to do the Captcha to prove that you are not a bot.
Bitfun also has several mini-games! Satoshis will be sent directly to Coinpot.

When you arrive on BonusBitcoin, you will have to click on "Register" to create your account, enter your E-mail address and choose a password. You will receive an E-mail with a link to confirm your account.
Then go back to BonusBitcoin, click on “Sign In”, and once on the page, go down to “Solve Media” and click on “Claim”! You should have a small window that opens with the words "Faucet claim succesful". You can earn up to 5000 satoshis every 15 min and the winnings are sent directly to CoinPot.

MoonBitcoin is very easy to use, you can earn between 10 and 300 satoshis every 5 minutes, it will also depend on how long you wait!
To earn your satoshis you just have to click on “Claim now” and make the captcha! You will also receive 1% bonus per day, if you do it at least 1 time per day, and this can go up to 100% bonus!

MoonLitecoin is the Moon Faucet for earning Litecoin. It also works the same as MoonBitcoin, with the gain continuing to increase and the Daily Bonus of 1%.
You can earn between 200 and 10,000 litoshis, or even more, depending on your Daily Bonus and other Bonuses.

The Moon Faucet for Dogecoin, also similar to the other two. The same time between claims and you can earn between 0.05 and 2 Doge for each claim.
There are also different Bonuses as on the other Moon, like the Daily Bonus or the "Myster Bonus" which gives a random% of Bonus.

MoonDash is the 4th of the Moon Faucets. It looks a lot like the other 3, but this time it's for winning the Dash. You can earn between 50 and 4000 Dashtoshis for each claim. With the same Bonuses as for other Moon Faucets.

The new and latest Moon faucet for Bitcoin Cash, and it's very similar to MoonDash. You can earn between 20 and 500 satoshis for each claim. With the same Bonuses as for other Moon Faucets.